Legal Overview.

Welcome to Formless Edition. Please read the following legal overview, which outlines important information regarding your use of this website.

Last Updated: 16 May 2023
License Terms

These Digital Asset Terms ('Terms') set forth the terms and conditions applicable to certain Digital Assets (as defined below) made available through the website ('Website') operated by Formless Edition Ltd. ('Formless'). By acquiring any digital assets associated with Formless-Owned Content (as defined below) through the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

  1. Each asset made available by Formless Edition through the Website is associated with certain digital works of authorship or other content, whether or not copyrighted or copyrightable, and regardless of the format in which any of the foregoing is made available ('Related Content'). Related Content is separate from the associated asset, and is not sold or otherwise transferred to you but is instead licensed to you as set forth in these Terms. A 'Digital Asset' consists of the applicable asset originally acquired through the Website and the license rights granted pursuant to these Terms for the Related Content.
  2. These Terms apply only when all Related Content for a particular asset is exclusively owned or controlled by Formless Edition ('Formless-Owned Content'). The description on the Website of the applicable asset will include information about whether the Related Content for that particular asset is Formless-Owned Content. If any of the Related Content for that asset is owned by a third party, different terms will apply.
  3. Subject to your compliance with these Terms, for as long as you purchase the applicable asset, Formless Edition grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, worldwide license under any copyright owned by Formless in any Formless-Owned Content to:

    a. Copy and modify the Formless-Owned Content (as modified, 'Modified Content') for non-commercial, personal use; and

    b. Display and perform the Formless-Owned Content and Modified Content for non-commercial, personal use.

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